With a beaming smile on his face and a spring in his steps!! That’s how the GS as we call him, appeared to staff on Monday afternoon. I for one, thought his birthday, which was the next day, had gotten to him. Not that he isn’t always jolly in the corridors of Bible House. There was just something about him that day.
A few minutes later, he appeared with a Brown Leather Bible, his smile even wider. I almost asked what was unique about this specific Bible, seeing as he already had several in his office, some of them packaged better than what he had in his possession at that particular moment.

The GS (General Secretary) however did not however give me the chance to ask that question. “It’s finally here at Bible House”, he said. At that moment, it hit me. The Long awaited Lumasaba Bible, was finally in. The Bibles had come in early Monday morning.

While preaching at the St Andrew’s Cathedral in Mbale, in December 2015, Mr Simon Peter Mukhama, the General Secretary of the bible society of Uganda had promised the 3 congregations he had preached to in English, Luganda and Lumasaba, that they would have a Lumasaba Bible by December 2016. You see, he comes from the Mt. Elgon region, where Lumasaba is the main Language.

I am tempted to say that the rest is history, but wait, there’s more! Come 23rd December 2016, the complete Lumasaba bible will be Launched in Mbale town at the Mayor’s gardens.

If you happen to be home for Christmas, pass by and celebrate this Milestone with us. You can also get yourself a Bible in Lumasaba. Don’t forget to get gift of a bible/s for your love d ones too. Remember to not only stop at having a lumasaba bible but
For more information regarding this Bible, contact us at info@biblesociety-uganda.org