May 2020 will forever remain a haunting month in the lives of the people in Kasese. This is due to the fact that 24,760 households and an estimated 173,000 people were affected by floods in Kasese. This was caused by the bursting of the banks of River Nyamwamba which swept away homes, schools, submerged farms, cut off bridges and left several roads inaccessible.

This situation appealed to many organizations that came in with support in of food and domestic items. However none of the organizations ever thought of the spiritual aspect of these people talk less of Children.

It is against the above background that the Bible Society of Uganda intervened to provide Children with Bibles for their spiritual nourishment as avenue for trauma healing experienced in the camps.

On Thursday 18th March 2021, a team from Bible Society of Uganda visited Muhokya Resettlement Camp in Kasese which is in the Western part of Uganda which is 401.38KM from Kampala town. The Camp hosts 289 displaced households with 951 people out of which 326 are Children below the age of 18 years.

One of the most touching moments was to interacting with the parents of the Children who equally had no Bibles yet were seeing having a Lion’s Children Bible as the greatest miracle of the day as reflected by one of the Women. “My only Bible and hymn book went with the raging flooding water, this Children Bible will help the whole family including us the adults in this home.” Said one of the Women as she escorted her daughter to pick her Bible.

Our journey to Muhokya Resettlement camps was a tough one; coupled the complexities caused with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is made worse when you see how people are suffering and struggling with life characterized with lack and hunger.

We were able to reach out to 267 homes with a Bible for children in each home.  We pray that the Lord will make away so that the camp continues to get spiritual nourishment through the different Christian organizations.