The Handwritten Bible Project
Before the invention of the printing press, books, letters, stories and the like were written by hand and scripture was not exempted from this process.

When Jerusalem was captured by the Babylonians in around 586 B.C, Jews were exiled and the temple looted and set on fire. When they came back to Jerusalem from exile, Ezra managed to find a copy of the Torah which was then used as the Jews shared the word of God.

It was upon the events above that the Jews resolved to create copies of the Torah and this exercise was carried on by those who copied scripture till the discovery of the printing press.

If there had not been copyists, we probably would not have the word of God as we have it today.
In 2018, The Bible Society of Uganda will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee.

The Bible Society of Uganda was officially registered in Uganda on 24th November 1968, will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee on the same date in 2018.

One of the ways we are using to celebrate this Golden Jubilee of Bible work is by re-writing the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible. The main purpose of this is;

• To celebrate 50 years of The Bible Society of Uganda by emulating the ancient scribes. In ancient times, before the printing press and all the technology came, scripture was written by scribes who copied from one manuscript to new scroll. In that way, the word of God was kept alive over time. If there hadn’t been people copying the Bible, we would not have what we are enjoying right now. Our Translators in Uganda in the past walked this path as they used to write everything down and then type using a type writer. We would like Christians in Uganda to get the feel of writing the Bible with their own handwriting.
• To increase Bible engagement. Over 31,000 Ugandans will directly participate in writing verses. As they write, they will be interacting more with the Bible by reading and writing from portions of the Bible that they would usually ignore.
• Fundraising for a new Bible House. Each person will contribute a minimum amount of Ugx. 100,000 that will go towards building a new Bible House on plot 38 Bombo Road. With a new Bible House, we believe that we can expand on our translation work as there are still many Ugandan languages without a Bible Translation.

The writing process was officially launched on 24th November 2017 at our different locations in Kampala, Teso (Soroti), Ankole (Mbarara) and Rwenzori (Fort portal). Thereafter, this process will be taken to various locations in Kampala City and upcountry.

Every district, tribe, gender and age bracket will be given the opportunity to participate without forgetting the Ugandans in the diaspora.

Look out for representatives from The Bible society of Uganda at a Church, town, fellowship, cell, gathering, school and family near you.

If interested in taking part, follow this link and we shall follow up
You may call us for more details on;

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You can also come to Bible House at Plot 38 Bombo Road near City Oil.