ABIEH5 Project as abbreviated, refers to A Bible in Every Home, Hand, Heart, Hotel and Hospital. This is one of the Bible engagement programs through which we extend the Bible to those in dire need of the Word of God but are underprivileged, something that makes it hard for them to own one. This is aimed at increasing Bible availability and accessibility to such audiences across Uganda in their local languages.

From 17th – 20th December 2022 in Bugisu Sub region. We distributed over 2100 books of the Gospel of John to Market vendors, Christians at various churches. The largest portion was distributed to the Youth, Elderly, Market Vendors, Motorcycle (boda boda) Riders, Market Vendors among others in Mbale, Sironko and Bududa Districts.


20th to 24th December 2022 in districts of Gulu, Omoro and Lamwo with over 3000 Gospels were distributed to youth, Health facilities, Boda Boda riders, homes and market vendors.

The same was done in Soroti district, and over 2000 Gospel of John Ateso Diglot  were distributed to youths, church Leaders, Health workers, Christian organizations and children from different religions including the Anglican, Catholics, Adventists and Baptists.

This year from 21st to 22th January 2023 in districts of Kayunga, Masaka and Mukono were blessed with over 3000 Gospels. The children and youth leaders in Kayunga were very grateful for the new-year gift distributed among the young ones which will aid their work of instilling God’s righteous virtues in the traverse generation.  The traders were excited to receive the Gospel of John citing the current economic situation cannot be solved without God’s intervention.