Uganda’s future is in the Youth, as most of the population is below 45. As a Christian organisation, we need to strategically bring this age group on board.

For the third year running, the Bible Society of Uganda will bring together thousands of young people and most importantly help them to meaningfully engage with the word of God.

Young people are our most valued resource both as an organization and a nation. This year’s Annual Youth Assembly is an opportunity to speak into the lives of our different youth audiences such as the blind, the deaf, traumatized and other youth categories.

For the first two Youth Assemblies held at Makerere Sports Ground and Buganda Road Football pitch in 2015 and 2016 respectively, participation was open to all youth. This year, it is important to remember that participants are expected to be Bible Society Members. For those who will not have registered by Sunday, registration is allowed at the entrance. Membership for the Youth is only 10,000 Ugx.

We are also moving away from the sports grounds to Patidar Samaj this year. This is found on Buganda Road just opposite Buganda Road Primary School or on Bombo Road Opposite Bat Valley Primary school next to Novik Hospital.

The theme for this year’s Assembly is, “Setting an example”, taken from 1Tim 4:12

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