On 12th November 2021 amidst the heavy rains that befell Fort Portal tourism city in the afternoon, it couldn’t stop the Life members of Rwenzori Branch to reach out to the amazing children of SOS Children’s Village in Butebe as part of the Life Members Outreach across the country.
The facility covers the western part of Uganda and they run 2 programs
1. Family life care where they look after 116 children
2. Family strengthening gap where they look after 1033 children who stay with there families
We were blessed to have 5 life members, chairperson and members of the executive committee
We were welcomed by staff, Administration caretakers and the beautiful children, who did different presentations and songs
Because of the support members render to BSU we were able to place a Bible in the lives of these children and gave out different items for home consumption.
This was such a memorable day to our lives and we thank God for that. A big thank you to our partners, members and all stake holders of The Bible Society of Uganda.

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