Launch of the Runyankole/Rukiga Study Bible

The Bible Society of Uganda launched the 2nd Local Language Braille Bible; Runyankole/Rukiga Braille Bible on Friday 6th November 2020 at Ankole Garden Mall in Mbarara City. This function brought together over 50 People with Visual Disability (PVDs) who thanked God for having used the Bible Society of Uganda to have a Runyankole/Rukiga Bible in Braille, something they had never imagined could happen at some point.

The PVDs who had received copies of English Bibles shared amazing testimonies of what the Bible had done in their lives saying it became their source of comfort every time bad thoughts could come to them and taught them how to forgive and have hope. They also showed their happiness by contributing funds to the project so that the Braille Bible reaches more people.

The function attracted different Church leaders from the Anglican Church, Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists and the Catholic Church who showed great happiness for the achievement made in making all people able to read and Study the Word of God despite their different state in Society. Each denomination pledged to buy a full Runyankole/Rukiga Braille Bible for the PVDs in their congregations.

One full Runyankole/Rukiga Braille Bible is in 48 volumes each costed at UGX 50,000= which makes a complete one at UGX 2,400,000= and is packed in six boxes. This is too expensive for the PVDs to buy copies of their own and we call upon all people to consider donating Bibles to them as gifts.

Plans are now under way to have the Bibles delivered to the different PVDs in their homes so that they can start enjoying the beauty of the Word of God in their mother language. This is a huge task ahead but we believe the Lord will pave way for his Word to reach his people.

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