Every year BSU holds a Life Members’ Forum to update them of the work of BSU but as well as set future support strategies like nominating new Life Members. This year’s theme for the forum pointed to an outreach as it quoted “A Bible for every Child”.

On 13th November, It was a great joy as Katalemwa Cheshire Home of Children with Disabilities received Children Bibles for the in patient Children battling with different disabilities. This was whole heatedly done by a part of Life Members who represented the thousands that could not make it.

Thankfully noted by one of the care takers ” We thank Bible Society for having us in mind at such a time. Now that we have Bibles our care takers will read a story for the children daily, for we know these will restore hope in the lives of the children but as well as the care takers or mothers. We see hope coming to our children through the word of God.”

Appreciation to our Life Members that made it for the outreach.