Translation and Publishing Focus 2020

Bible Translation and Publishing has been and still is the core function of The Bible Society of Uganda. As a department our task is to translate Holy Scripture from the source languages to the mother tongue of different people in Uganda. As we do this we make sure that translations are accurate, clear, natural, concise and acceptable to the audiences that will use them. Translators make sure that they are as faithful as possible to the Hebrew Text for most parts of the OT and to Greek Text for the NT and some deuterocanonical books. The Bible Society of Uganda is a servant of all Christian Churches in Uganda, so we aim at providing scriptures that communicate well to most Christian Churches. When choosing translators apart from being trained on either Biblical Studies or Linguistics we look at one being in good standing with the churches and try to have all churches represented.

Strategic Fit:
As we provide Scripture in different Mother Tongues spoken in Uganda, we improve church relations with The Bible Society of Uganda. We at times develop Scriptures for different audiences.
BSU Translation Strategic Plan (2019-2023)
PREFERRED FUTURE: Provide Scripture Translations that are Faithful to the Original Manuscripts, Accurate and Secured for Current and Future Retrieval.

Carry Out Five Translation Needs Assessment / Translation Surveys and Five Product Development Researches.
For 2020, the department will carry out a sociolinguistic survey among the Kebu speakers and develop a Translation Needs Assessment (TNA) for them. In conjunction with Church relations office the department will hold Church Sensitization workshops in West Nile region to prepare for mother tongue translations. A product development research will also be carried out for Kupsapiiny NT and Psalms that will be launched on 30th May 2020.

Design Literacy Programs in Four Translation Projects
In 2020, a literacy project proposal was written and we are soliciting for funds from agencies or partners that are willing to promote mother tongue literacy. Literacy work has resumed at a limited scale alongside Kupsapiiny Bible Translation in the districts of Kapchorwa, Bukwo and Kwēēn. BSU will partner with organizations already involved in literacy work to facilitate mother tongue literacy in the respective regions. The department will also carry out orthography research among the Ateso and Ma’di speakers in 2020. Many languages have introduced tone marks in their orthography which are not known to most of the people. If local language translations mark tones in the Bible and they community is not taught how to read them, our efforts will be in vain. Marking tones is very essential in most Luo, Nilotic and Kalenjin dialects to avoid mistaking the work for another.

Ensure Protection of Work in Progress, Easy Accessibility and Security of All Bible Society Uganda Products.
All BSU publications will be protected against plagiarism during development and completion. BSU will ensure that Computer checks on all completed Bibles are run and uploaded to the UBS Digital Bible Library site. In order to protect BSU copyrights access to soft copies of all BSU products (Bibles, Portions and selections) is restricted. Legal procedures shall be followed before giving permission to third parties to access BSU Products in any media.

Complete Four Translation Projects and Start on New Projects by 2023

The following are the on-going translation projects:
1. Teso Bible Revision
2. Acholi Bible Revision
3. Kupsapiiny Bible Translation
4. Ludadiri Oral Bible Translation
5. Rufumbira Bible Translation
6. Ma’di North Bible Translation
7. Ateso Children’s Bible Development ( BSU is partnering with TEDDO)

The following are Project Proposals written and uploaded to solicit for funding:
1. Lango Bible Revision
2. Lukhonzo Bible Translation

In-coming Proposals

1. Luganda Study Bible
2. Runyankore Study Bible
3. Kebu Bible Translation

To Account for and Manage Stock of All Bibles with Bible Society Uganda Copyrights.
A register of all BSU products is be kept at Bible House. All BSU books and portions acquire an ISBN before they are published. After publication, all BSU products are registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau and required copies deposited at the National Library.

Continue praying that translation projects are funded so that all people in Uganda can receive the Bible in a language they understand best.

We are happy to announce that the Global Bible Apps for the following languages have been released:

Madi –

Dhopadhola –

Lugbara –

Kupsapiny –

You can now download the apps from Google Play Store Apps (see links above)