The long-term goal of the Bible Society of Uganda is to provide scripture in local languages spoken in Translation, so that people can interact with scripture in languages they understand best. It is the aim of the Society to enhance translation work in specific language projects and to ensure high quality translations and production putting into consideration good timing, effectiveness and cost efficiency. To this end the Society will review and streamline all existing translation projects. The Society will continue to work in partnership with other agencies in translation work in research, development of orthography, new and on-going translations. The Society will continue with modus operandi resourcing of translators but where appropriate fulltime translators can be employed provided they have the required qualification. Efforts will be made to negotiate with the Church to obtain qualified translators and voluntary colporteurs.

Research is treated as a key component in translation work. The number of translation projects will be streamlined from 13 to 8 according to UBS policy.

The Society in response to this will:

(a) Continued managing and monitoring of 5 ongoing translation projects.

(b) Publication and launching of completed projects.

(c) Revisiting inactive projects with the intention of reviving one or more projects as active projects are completed.

(d) Providing portions in many local languages and scripture in different media.

(e) Archiving of all existing BSU translation products in electronic format.

(f) Increasing the literate audience of scripture in local and national languages by developing literacy programmes in areas with vernacular translations.

(g) Investing in the training of future translators by equipping theological colleges with scholarly materials.

(h) Strengthening the Desktop Publishing Department, manuscript examination and typesetting*.

Below is a list of currently running projects;


Acholi Revision Project
Ateso Revision project
Madi Complete Bible
Rufumbira Complete Bible
Kupsapiiny complete Bible