Providing Scriptures for the Visually Impaired

After having seen the need in Society for those people who are Visually Impaired, the Bible society of Uganda took a step ahead to see to it that their needs too are cared for through this project of the Visual Impaired persons Hence Launching it.

What we do;

Provide Holy Scriptures and Bible portions in formats such in Audio, Large print and Braille.
Carry out advocacy in the area of Braille literacy and recognition of Persons with Visual Disability (PVD)’s positive contribution to our human existence.
Advocate for their inclusion in church participation
Provide forum for their involvement in Bible outreach and in reach program

What makes a difference to the visually challenged;

Being a sight guide by leading them to church to attend service
Visiting and spending your time with them
Sharing your gifts with them
Speaking kindly and lovingly
Teaching others to be loving and caring towards the visually Impaired
Reading the Word of God with and to them

We are greatful to Our Sponsors whom have made this dream areality to many Ugandans,. One of Our Volunteers who is also a teacher but Visually Impaired Called Hellen said, “Am glad that The Bible Society of Uganda has thought about us who are Visually Impaired”