Faith Comes By Hearing

“No one can have faith without hearing the message about Christ.” Romans 10:17 (CEV)

Vision Statement:

“A body of Christ united together in harmony of faith and who are disciples for Jesus Christ.”

Mission Statement:

“To put every available translation of the New Testament in audio form so that everyone might have a chance to hear the Word of Good News in His or her heart language and so develop Faith in Jesus Christ.”

FCBH is a Scripture listening program that brings together a group of people in a local church, a community, a language group, a literacy class, a natural group, a group of individuals, or a family to listen to a portion of the audio Bible in their mother tongue. A consistent regular and continuous listening of the Bible on the proclaimer would enable one to go through the entire New Testament, thereby being exposed to the message of Christ and what is involved in the Christian faith. The emphasis, which is on group listening and discussion, is to allow everyone’s questions to be answered and doubts about God’s word cleared.

Bible Society has in the past provided the Holy Scriptures mainly in print to the people in Uganda. However not everyone is literate enough to read it. To some the Holy Bible is still a closed book because of visual challenges, poverty and can’t afford a copy and others because of limited time for Bible Study due to a lot of commitments and business.

This is where the tyres hit the tarmac. FCBH project comes to make the above categories of people engage with God’s Word.

What we do;

Recording of New Testaments: Through our partners called Hosana we are able to record the Scriptures into audio in a play back devises known as a proclaimer. We chose people from the area where the local language is spoken who read and their voices are recorded in a dramatized form to bring life in the Word of God.

Distribution of proclaimers to listening groups: When the proclaimers are available in the country, we train Faithful, Available and Teachable people who will coordinate the listening of God’s Word in a group. We give proclaimers to groups of people and not individuals.

Follow up and evaluation: to ensure that the program runs smoothly and the beneficiaries are benefiting, we distribute we do follow up on the listening groups.

Bible Society of Uganda is very grateful to Hosana and our local partners for the support they give in running the project. This project has enabled Bible Society to realize her vision which is “A people fully qualified and equipped by the Word of God to do every kind of good deed.”

Where we operate;

Rural Churches.
Institutions for people with visual impairment.
Church cells and house/home fellowships.
Prisoners and remand homes.
Hospitals and dispensaries.
Market places.