“Tomorrow is going to be the best Sunday ever, mum I think I will go with my yellow Apron so I don’t dirten my clothes during painting. Am really excited about the painting exercise at church tomorrow” one Karungi munanura Melissa said.

Engaging children with the word of God is more exciting when crayons, canvas, pencils, colors, boards are used since thy speak their language and during the climax of Bible week in Rwenzori region we experienced the joy of seeing children put thier favourite Bible stories on paper with paint.

Every child had a moment of truth between what thy wanted in their mind versus what was put on paper. We saw excitements and sadness, Tears dropped from one child who desired to draw a Christmas tree but on the paper it totally looked different which made it so emotional for the other children around him. Children Bibles are the best learning aids for the word of God to impact their lives because thy relate with them.