A Radio that speaks Bible

“When all the grand Children are amazed at the new radio that speaks the Bible”.

In the Ghetto Slums of Kamwokya is where we found the humble family of “Omukaikuru” as they called her.

Led by the Church Women leader and the Assistant Vicar St. John’s Kamwokya, we got to Omukaikuru’s humble home. No sooner had she seen the women leader than she shouted with all joy “Oooooh it’s today you promised to bring for me a new radio that reads the Bible, and here you are”.

With excitement on her face she welcomed us as her children and after getting her talking Bible she said “My Children, what you have brought for me today I have  never seen, my deem old eyes could no longer read my torn old Bible, now this radio will be my new companion day after day”.

Her grandchildren with all curiosity and inquisitiveness with the oldest in P.5 came closer to see and touch this new radio that the grandmother had been given.

By Janeviva Kisaka