The Bible says “Pleasant words are flowing honey, sweet to the taste and healing to the bones.”Prov 16:24,

While we entered the gate of Covid-19 unit we met  one of the workers who survived from Covid-19 first wave ,He was filled with Joy a upon seeing us  so I asked him why he was very happy to see the Bible Society team ! He told us his story how the talking Bible he received while he was admitted for Covid-19 helped him heal speedily.

He further narrated that whenever, he would be sitting under the tree for fresh air and every night instead of listening to the radio programs he replaced that with his talking Bible. He said that even after healing He has not stopped listening to the word of God every night before he sleeps, because it fills his heart with Joy and casts out fear and worry.

The testimony of this man propelled The Bible society of Uganda Teso Branch in conjunction with Mark of hope international to visit the covid-19 unit at soroti regional hospital again with 100 Bibles in Ateso and English.
This time around we also included fliers containing healing scriptures and encouraging words which would act as their reading guide. We thank all of you who have always supported the Bible Society of Uganda and given to see that the word of God reaches to many.