The Bible Society of Uganda is a Christian Non-Government Organization that serves all Christians and the general public in Uganda by “providing affordable Holy Scriptures in languages and media that communicate effectively to the people.” The organization fulfils her mission through translation, production, distribution, subsidizing Bible engagement. As a way of fulfilling this mission the Bible Society of Uganda started The Deaf Bible Opportunity Uganda (DBOU), with an objective of providing scriptures and advocating for the Deaf Community in Uganda.

The purpose of this Concert by Daniel Wasswa and Talanta studio’s Band aims at raising Ugx 45 million to benefit the Bible Society of Uganda Deaf Project through setting up a dedicated visual recording studio for making scriptures in Ugandan sign language for 1,200,000 Deaf Ugandans. This is the cheapest means vs the market price of making one bible story for the deaf at cost of Ugx 2,500,000.

The Deaf, belong to a distinct cultural group with unique customs and ways of living characterized by communication barrier, negative attitude from the hearing community, difficulty in accessing public services like hospitals, courts of law, Banks, Unemployment due to low education levels, Lack of community sensitization and difficulty understanding a print Bible. Most Deaf children do not communicate well with their hearing parents or religious leaders, this denies them a chance to listen to Bible stories and information they may need to receive.

Denying a Deaf person a chance to acquire knowledge is like burying them alive! This is because they will never learn sign language, which implies no communication with the rest of the world, so a lot of community sensitization is needed for parents and community leaders to know the importance of supporting the Deaf to acquire knowledge.

Buy a concert card and help the Deaf live a better life.

Payment options:
Mobile money no: 0776123401(name Bible Society of Uganda) reason Deaf
Cash /
Cheque in the name of the Bible Society of Uganda
In conjunction with
Daniel Wasswa & Talanta studio’s Band
(Immaculate Church for the Deaf Choir, Nansana School for the Deaf Choir, Living voices, Devine Echoes, St John COU Choir- Kazinga, Cathedral Brothers, Betty Kibudde and Charity Namakula)
in a Live Gospel Music Concert “Be There for the Deaf”
Date: 20th August 2016
Venue: Bible House