Guiding Star: Hope Youth and Women


This Project derives its background from the book of Mathew 2:1-12 which talks about the Magi or the Wise men who followed the God sent Star to Jesus’ place of birth. Many Youth and Women today see many ‘stars’ but they can hardly indentify the real God sent star so that they can follow it. A number of them have followed wrong stars and have gone off track

This project does not come in as a superior but rather as a tool that will be used by people touched by the degenerating state of morals of our young people and also those touched by the degenerating state of morals of our society especially in Youth and Women.

Objectives of the Guiding Star – hope for youth and Women Project

To provide Scriptural Guidelines for Youth and Women so that they can be able to indentify the true God sent Guiding Star and follow it faithfully

To provide hope to people who have lost it in life

To provide counseling services to people who find no meaning in life

To consensitise the Ugandan Society about women needs, potential and problems and to campaign for positive portrayal for women in all areas of life

To empower Youth and Women economically using their God given talent

Help Youth and Women take Charge of their Lives especially by seeking counsel and guidance from Holy Scriptures

To enhance and foster a society that whatsoever recongonises both women and men as equals where both need to respect and be respected by the other

What the Project has so far done

  • Inter Schools Bible Quiz competition

Under this  the project aims at engaging youths with Scriptures through answering question that are only based on Holy Scriptures and at the end the winning school is awarded

One of a kind was held at Wapemwo Ntake Senior Secondary School were we had Hilton High School Mukono emerge as the Best out of the eight schools that competed for the award.

  • Held Consultative meetings  with different organization heads that deal in both interests of Youth and Women

The project has managed to carry out different forms of research into the needs of both Youth and women by using the counsel of other sister organizations that deal with the challenges of youth and women so as to find a solution to the need

Under this, the project has managed to launch partnerships with different organizations such as Focus Uganda, Kinawataka Women initiative, The Uganda Othodox Mothers Union, Kibo Foundation among others .

  • Promotions and sensitizations in different parts of the Country

The project has gone ahead to carry out sensitization and promotion of the concept of the Guiding star in numerous areas of Uganda such as

  • Mbarara

Were we partnered with different organizations such as The Youth Support group in Kakoba, Mbarara tailoring School, Yamungu Nimengi CBO and church leaders to bring a positive change in the lives of both women and youth.

  • Fort portal

Here we also managed to establish partnerships with different organizations and Church leaders who later formed a committee to carry on the work of the Project on the grounds of Fort portal

Other places covered include Nakaseke, Kabulasoke, Nangabba, Kanyanya Kasaganti, Kireka, among others


  • Trainings and Gatherings
    • The Youth Gathering

On the 14th August 2011 the project was blessed with a great turn up of Youth, Youth leaders, Youth Organizations representatives and well wishers of the youth on their gathering under the guiding star project were we had Youths compete in a Bible reading Marathon and Caleb emerged as the winner among four competitors

The former Minister of Ethics and integrity Dr Nsaba Buturo

And the chief guest of Honor Pr Odoi encouraged youths to live a life that is in line with the word of God.


  • Women Training

With the help of our  partners Makika stylz some women were trained in how to make jewellery printing words on cloths and how to Tie and Die at the end we had more than Five Women able teach others and also do something for their own to earn a living thus empowering them economically


  • The Women Gathering

After a fruitful training of women the Project managed to have a hands on experience for women at the gathering were we invited most of our Partners to exhibit and also teach women and the well wishers of women that attended the gathering how to engage themselves in activities that help them earn a living,

Kinawataka women initiative Director was one of the partners who equipped women with skills of putting the rubbish around them such as used straws to use so as to earn a living

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