Become a Volunteer


From point in time the Bible work has greatly been supported by committed men and women, volunteering in different aspects, taking an example of Paul who was Saul, the Fisher men, Lydia and many others. They gave up what they had to, for the sake of God’s Work. The need for such people did not end then; today such people are still needed. The Bible Society of Uganda is interested in such people who are will to do God’s work.

Your role as a Volunteer will be to;

  • Promote the Bible Society in your Church
  • Arrange visitations for the Bible Society to your Church
  • Involve the Bible Society in your Church’s activities
  • Promote the distribution of Scriptures and encourage people to use them, ensuring that at least each person in your church has a bible
  • Be a link between the Bible Society and your Church
  • Speak on behalf of Bible Society at arranged meetings, church services and events.
  • Organize fundraising for The Bible Society
  • Enlist others as volunteers for Bible Society work
  • Work with the Women and Youth Task Forces

What Bible Society will do for you

  • You will be briefed or trained on how to fulfill your responsibilities as a volunteer.
  • Where applicable, you will be facilitated as you offer your services.
  • You will receive regular updates concerning Bible Society activities


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