Bible-A-Month Club

A child at Watoto Suubi village receives a Christmas gift form the Bible-A-Month Club

Go light the World!!!!!

“The greatest evangelist in the world is the published word of God. The greatest method of evangelism is the distribution of Scriptures.” – Billy Graham.

Bible- A-Month is a program that reaches out to the less privileged in society who don’t have the capacity of purchasing the word of God for themselves. These include Orphans, prisoners and in displaced persons.


Our Main Objective is to avail every house hold with a Bible or a New Testament by highly subsidizing it or giving it out freely. Bible- A-month is tasked with availing the free Scriptures.

How do I become a member?

You can access Bible-A-Month registration Card/form at Bible House or through BAMC members or when you pay your monthly contribution- here you are automatically registered as a member.

You can also do more than sending your contribution but also pray for the club, especially the people receiving the Bibles so that their lives can be transformed by the word received.

How Much do I give?

As much as you feel the Lord leads you to give. As a guide, the average cost of a Bible, including printing and distribution, is Ug. Shs. 15,000. So if you choose to give a gift of Ug.Shs. 15,000 per month, you’ll be giving one Bible to someone in need of it. An addition of Ug.Shs 15000  will enable one more person to have a Bible.

When you join you will receive:

·         An annual prayer Booklet comprising of prayer point for all the Bible Societies in the World

·         Bible Society Calendar running from January to December

·         A regular report each time scriptures are delivered

·         And of course the tremendous blessings from Our Lord who commissioned us to do His work Mat 20:19-20

BECOME A MISSIONARY WITHOUT LEAVING HOME. Join Bible a Month Club today and help put Bibles into hands and hearts around Uganda.


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