The Bible Society of Uganda together with Mukono Diocese started this programme with the purpose of empowering those who can not read and write so that they can read the Word of God by themselves. It started in Jan 2006 by training 23 Literacy
Instructors these sensitized, mobilized and registered people in their respective communities.
Today, we have 74 trained instructors with over 1000 learners from all the five Archdeaconries of Mukono Diocese.
This project aims at training Men and Women how to read and write. Workshops are therefore organized to train and equip participants with the skills of instructing and teaching adult learners in functional adult literacy. They are also equipped with materials for teaching. The adults trained are enabled to read and write so that they can read the word of God on their own. This program also aims at improving the literacy levels among the Christians generally. In 2009 more people were interested in the project and we had an accumulated registration of over 1200 enthusiastic learners with more learning groups started. We are particularly thankful to ladies who have responded more positively in the learning groups. Funding is a big challenge and so we have not been able to reach all the areas we would want to get to.


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