Bible Engagement Projects

The Bible Society of Uganda seeks to reach out to the people of Uganda with the word of God. We not only want to distribute the Bibles and live them in people’s homes but we would love the people to get engaged with the Scriptures thus improving their daily lives.

It is all about bringing the word of God into application on a contemporary basis for the purpose of transforming people’s lives and this is part of our Vision: “A People fully qualified and equipped by the word of Word to do every kind of good deed”

Below are the Bible engagement products and you can read more about them on their respective pages.

The Guiding star project

Faith Comes By Hearing

Providing Scriptures for the Visually Impaired persons


-Good Samaritan Projects

-Take Charge

Literacy project

These have touched the lives of many in Uganda and Bible Society, we are proud of them.

We thank all friends who have continuously supported these projects to ensure their implementation.


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