Our Strategic direction in the area of distribution is to see the customers of the Bible Society of Uganda having their scriptural needs met at all times with in their localities at an affordable price. This comes at a cost though we have been able to sustain the growth rate of the Bibles distributed annually.

In the past we have had challenge of fast moving stock being out of stock at times and less of the slow moving stock is consumed by our customers

Today, we are grateful to the Bible Society of Korea with whom we have had a partnership with to ensure that we have all the Bibles needed in stock at all times.

Our distribution strategies are changing every year as we live in a challenging environment, emphasis is being put on the Children’s Bibles so that the young Generation is also catered.

We thank God for the Bible-A-Month Club members who ensuring growth hence making a big contribution to the distribution of Scriptures.


The Bible SOciety of Uganda has distribution centers in the following areas:




This is to ensure that the Scriptures are brought closer to the people.

New Stocks
As the market grows bigger the demands of Customers also change, therefore it is our vision to ensure that when someone visits us all their needs can be catered for and 2011 has been an experiment of that where we have had new stocks arriving.

The Challenge

Uganda may seem to be a small country but it is highly populated. Currently we have a population of 34 millions of which 80% are Christians i.e. 27.2m. This means that the Bible Society of Uganda still has a lot of work to do as far distribution of the Bibles is concerned since every year our distribution is 200,000 Bibles only. In the year 2012, we have a target of 500,000 Bibles as we move towards the Jubilee celebrations of our Nation Uganda.

We request for your prayers as we move towards achieving this grand target ahead of us. We know that the Lord will be with us and He will guide us.

God bless you.


Some of the Pictures taken when the twelve full Bible arrived i.e. Ngakarimojong.    

Ready to be taken to the ware house

On arrival of the Ngakarimojong Bible, Dr. Malle The Translation Consultation was excited to look at the finished product

Mr. Simon peter Mukhama was glad to receive the Ngakarimojong Bibles on their arrival arrives

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