About Us

The Bible Society of Uganda is  a Christian Non-Governmental Organization, which serves churches and the general public by making the Holy Scriptures available in languages that people understand best.

We work with churches to help engage meaningfully with the Scriptures. We are part of a global movement- United Bible Societies- serving churches of all denominations in over 145 Countries.

The Bible Society of Uganda exists to envision “A people fully qualified and equipped by the Word of God to do every kind of good deed.”

To provide affordable Holy Scriptures in languages and media that communicate effectively to the people.

God’s Word, Life for all

As we work,we are guided by the following Core Values:

  1. Professionalism      2 Tim 2:15a
  2. Servant-hood          1 Cor 4:1
  3. Accountability        Rom 3:19b
  4. Motivation                2Thes 3:8b
  5. Integrity                     Job 2:3-4


All Bible Societies in the world can trace their history back to a young teenage girl called Mary Jones.
She was a Welsh Protestant Christian girl born in 1784.Mary at age fifteen, walked twenty-five miles across the countryside to buy a copy of the Welsh Bible from Thomas Charles because she did not have one.
Charles then used her story in proposing to the Religious Tract Society to set up a new organization to supply Wales with Bibles….Click here to read full Mary Jones Story       Click to watch a Mary Jones Video

The Bible Society of Uganda was established in Uganda in 1968 but before that the work had already been started by the British Foreign Bible Societies.

Since then, the following languages have been translated out of the 50 languages spoken in Uganda: Luganda, Runyankole-Rukiga, Runyoro-Rutoro, Ng’akarimojong, Alur, Acholi, Kinandi, Ateso, Kakwa, Kinyarwanda, Lango, Lugbara,Kumam,Lusoga,Lumasaba,Kumam,Dhopadhola,Lusamya -Lugwe.Some of these are still on going.

Continue to pray for the work and support with any amount so that those languages which ahve not been translated they receive Scriptures.

The Bible Society of Uganda Staff at the Bibe Exhibition in celebration of 400 years of KJV

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