The Bible Society of Uganda entirely relies on donations from friends and well wishers. This is mainly through our members. When you become a member of the Bible Society, your contribution goes a long way in placing a Bible in someone’s hand out there.

Translation projects:

You can also donate towards an ongoing Translation project for example the exisiting projects right now include:

Kumam Bible Translation

Lusoga Bible Translation

Lusamia-Lugwe Bible Translation

Lumasaba Bible Transaltion

Luganda Revision Bible Translation

Dhopadhola Bible Translation

Under these projects you can choose to sponsor translation of a number of verses where one verse costs 30,000UgShs. With that basis you can chooses to donate towards translation of a full book or a number of verses.

You may wish to contribute towards a language that is not mentioned above, it is still acceptable.

Donate to a program
You can also choose to support any of our programmes directly through donations of your choice. Below are our programmes which you can support:

Guiding star project: Hope for Youth and Women

HIV/AIDS: Where is the good Samaritan?


Providing Scriptures for the Visually Impaired persons

Providing Scriptures for the People with Hearing disabilities

Faith Comes By Hearing

Kindly Fill this Form and submit to let us know how you would like to partner with us or what program would you like to support

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