The Gospel of John Reading Marathon

The Gospel of John project under the Bible Society of Uganda organized a Bible reading Marathon in the Gospel of John to engage the students at Gulu High School in reading the word of God. The Marathon was designed in such way a participant would read the number of verses out of the 879 verses […]

A Day in the Life of a Translator

Around August 2016, I walked into our Translation Manager’s office, and the first words I heard Dr. Aloo Mojola, the Translation Consultant say were, “next, what’s the word for common sense?” I almost forgot what had taken me to that office as I immediately started to think of the equivalent of common sense in my […]

Bamasaba Break Record at Bible Launch

I could start by describing the atmosphere at Mayor’s Gardens on the morning of 23rd Dec 2016.But i don’t think I have the words to do justice to it. Instead let me start with a quote, “The Bamasaba have broken a record. We went with the same quantities of Bibles to three different launches. First, […]


On the 19th of September the Trauma Healing team travelled to the Gulu site to train and launch the THEA programs in Acholi Sub region. Having started over three years ago with the face to face equipping of the Church and community servants with Biblical resources that enable them to help traumatised people recover, the […]

A Concert to support the Deaf

The Bible Society of Uganda is a Christian Non-Government Organization that serves all Christians and the general public in Uganda by “providing affordable Holy Scriptures in languages and media that communicate effectively to the people.” The organization fulfils her mission through translation, production, distribution, subsidizing Bible engagement. As a way of fulfilling this mission the […]

A New Bishop for Busoga

BUSOGA DIOCESES GETS NEW BISHOP On 24th Jan, 2016 as early as 6am, Christians flooded a colorful Bugembe stadium to personally witness the Consecration and enthronement of the new Bishop Paul Moses Samson Naimanhye. Bishop Naimanhye becomes the third bishop to be Consecrated in Busoga Diocese and he replaces Dr. Michael Kyomya, who has been […]

Count Down to The Annual Youth Assembly 2016

“No matter how young or old, you can always break the mold”,This is the attitude that our youth in Uganda should carry around with their heads held high.Not a defeated attitude. Because of that,The Bible Society of Uganda saw it fit to have an annual event that brings together thousands of youth to air their […]

Commemorating The Papal Visit to Uganda-2015

On Friday 27th November 2015,Pope Francis will visit Uganda for the very first time. The Bible Society of Uganda decided to commemorate this visit a special edition of The Gospel according to John which you can check out here Read Copyright before viewing; Bible Society of Uganda This edition copyright © 2015 The British and […]

Healing Children’s Hearts in Gulu

Trauma has devastating effects that crash people’s hearts ,making many fail to cope with life situations, resorting to cover-up mechanisms which are often criminal in order to kill their pains. Their hopes in life are lost and are swayed away by destructive habits like addiction or even getting suicidal. To the Church, this is an […]

The 2015 Women’s Exhibition Seeks To Empower Women

In 2012 the Guiding star; hope for youth and women project was started in Uganda under the guidance and coordination of the Bible Society of Uganda. One of its major aims has been to empower youth and women spiritually, economically and socially. Concerning economic empowerment, the organization has since 2012 trained women into entrepreneurial skills […]